Please don’t buy any vehicle from Renault

I am a doctor working in the Government sector and a single earning member. I decided to purchase a new car and after some reviews and test drives decided to buy Renault kid climber at 5.9 lakhs on road price with full financial assistance. I did not have any alternate source of income and this was the automatic car which I could afford.

I got the car on April 7, 2017 , from Autologic Renault showroom at Begumpet, Hyderabad. . At the petrol pump when I went to fill petrol for the first time, the car stopped and I could not restart. Immediately I called the sales person whose name was Mr Nagesh. He attended my call and came to the petrol bunk and said there was no problem with the vehicle. I used it for the next two days. While driving the car, an alarm used to come and when I informed this, the salesman Mr Nagesh said that it is due to some radio code that I had not entered. In the first place, it was his responsibility to enter the code before delivery. Later he was not able to tell me where I needed to enter the code.

On April 12, 5 days after the day of purchase, while driving, the D and N mode began to blink on the display system and the vehicle failed to move forwards with accelerator. This was in the middle of the road. I got terrified. The car started moving forward after restarting. This happened thrice on the same day. I called the service manager, Mr Suresh, who was perhaps the only person who listened to what I had to say. He arranged the road assistance team from Renault to pick the vehicle from my location. This happened at 1 PM. Till 3 PM nobody turned up and I had to attend an important meeting at 3 30PM. At 3 45 PM the driver who had come to pick my car started calling. I said he would have to wait. He waited till my meeting got over. When I came down after the meeting, I didn’t find anybody there near the gate as this driver was telling. Then he said he was in front of some other building. I didn’t want to lose any more time with these inefficient people and I tried to take my car home. On the way I realise that the horn is not functioning. All this you should realise has happened on day 5 of purchase. And now on April13, at 10 AM, the issues have not been resolved. I complained to the customer care and some rude people answered and they deleted my complaint just like that. Then one fellow named Lav kumar, said I will have to make payment for the service!!!! It sounded pathetically ridiculous to make payment for services by the company on day 5 for a faulty engine and horn.


Please circulate this as much as possible so that no body else ends up investing hard earned money on this company. I wonder how all people with low IQ ended up in a single company!